About Us

Who We Are

Our aim is to provide our clients with their dream home. Through the work of our experienced builders, since 1985, Bruce and Sam have established themselves in the Auckland building industry, providing expert construction services to the residential sector. Starting Quantum Construction in 2000, we made a commitment to offer high-quality, cutting-edge homes to our clients. Our cutting-edge design in combination with eco-friendly and energy saving products produces functional, beautiful houses.

Our commitment to you is more than just the delivery of your dream design. We can manage your building project from concept to completion or we listen to your needs and build to meet your requirements while realising the vision of your designer. We are keenly aware of the fact that your build will be one of the largest investments you will ever make. We will guide you through the building process to ensure your desired outcome.

We are one of the most sought out small residential building companies, driven by the quality of our workmanship and our efforts to uphold the highest of professional standards. Because our homes are not kitset, we’re able to deliver our clients exactly what they’re after, leaving them with the home they’ve always wanted.

Our business is built on constantly raising the bar on construction quality, design realisation, accurate and measured project management, commitment to your vision, and sustainability. These key elements ensure we are consistently praised for our work, and for the standard of our delivery.

Quantum Construction is an honest, family-owned business. We let our work speak for us!

Contact Info

PO BOX 95196
Swanson, West Auckland

Sam: 021 678 040
Bruce: 021 661 477

Email: info@qcl.nz