How long will my project take to complete?
This will be dependent on the nature of your build. We will establish a timeline during contract talks and will work hard to comply with those constraints. Our focus is always on fine quality and efficiency is our goal.

What form of contract will you use?
We are Registered Master Builders and so will use the Registered Master Builders Contract.

Will it be possible to talk to you about changes that I might like to make during the building process?
Of course you can. You will need to talk initially to the Project Manager and arrange a time to talk about the changes you might want to make and the implications that these changes might have on the build. There may be design, engineering and/or consent implications. We will guide you through these.

Do you have suppliers that you use regularly?
Yes, we have a number of suppliers from whom we source our services and materials. We will let you know who the main suppliers are at the beginning of the job. We may not have completely finalised our preference for supplier at the commencement of the work and in this case we will let you know who we are using as soon as we have made that decision.

Can you offer a Guarantee?
We are Registered Master Builders and will offer their Guarantee. This will be an additional cost to the job. We are also Licensed Building Practitioners and carry liabilities toward the ongoing maintenance of your project. We also have our own Quality Assurance Guarantee.

Contact Info

PO BOX 95196
Swanson, West Auckland

Sam: 021 678 040
Bruce: 021 661 477

Email: info@qcl.nz